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Overnight Stays

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Passionate French Kissing

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Deep Throat

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Foot fetish

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Role Play

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Mutual Oral - 69 Position

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Doggy Style

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Anal Sex

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CIMWS – Cum in Mouth with Swallow

If you are in the desire of satisfying your wildest sexual dreams and fantasies, then hire the highly experienced CIMWS Bangalore escorts. Our high-class sensational female escorts in Bangalore know it well how to offer you the most pleasurable moments of your life. These escorts offer the exclusive CIMWS (Come in Mouth with Swallow) escort services to you when you need it. This experience can be the most intimate and heavenly experience of your life ever. Having years of experience and the right tricks to seduce you, our female escorts in Bangalore won’t let you down. You can experience the joys of “cum in mouth with swallow” sexual act with the hottest model-like escort in your bed. Nothing can beat the experience of “cuming in” the wet mouth of the hottest Bangalore escorts in your bed.

Female ejaculation (squirting)

As all of our Bangalore escorts are highly experienced in the given field, they are highly comfortable in their bodies. As such, you can enjoy some of the intimate sexual moments in their company, including female ejaculation (squirting) experience. Our female escorts in Bangalore are highly horny and thus, make use of certain toys and ways in front of the clients to ejaculate themselves. This turns up the clients and heats up the moment to have an everlasting and the most intimate sex all night long with them. You can also use special vibrators or your own skills to let the hot escorts ejaculate or squirt by themselves in front of you. Seeing them ejaculate or squirt can boost your sexual desire to have more & more sex all night long. The priority of the Bangalore escorts is to satisfy the customers. Therefore, if you wish them to ejaculate in front of you, you can hire our exclusive Bangalore escort services.